Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

28 Apr 2022
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Mother’s Day is quickly approaching, and we want to ensure that you are treating your Mum, Grandmother or another motherly figure in your life to something special! It’s a good opportunity to show your appreciation and love for all they do! How will you be spoiling her this Mother’s Day? Show her how much she means to you with some of these wonderful activities and gift ideas we’ve crafted for you!  

Spend quality time with Mum! 

If you haven’t been able to plan or book in advance for an outing with Mum, don’t stress! These activities are great as they don’t require bookings and can be decided on spontaneously, so you can still give her a surprise!  

  • Treat her to a nutritious breakfast in bed – round up a few of her favourite brekky options, her favourite cup of hot drink and some fresh fruits and give her an exciting start to the day she won’t be expecting! 

  • Experience a weekend away – head out of town for the weekend and spoil mum with some one-on-one time! 

  • Get active – get outside and do some exercise together! Whether you are joining a fitness class, going hiking, or swimming laps, we can guarantee mum will be loving the quality time together. 

Treat Mum to a special gift! 

Here’s a couple of our favourites to give you a little gift inspiration: 

Venue Membership 

Give mum the gift of wellness and help her achieve her health and fitness goals this year! We offer a multitude of different memberships to our venue that can help mum get active. Why not buy yourself one as well and give Mum a workout buddy? She is sure to enjoy her gift even more when it involves quality time with her loved ones! 

Check out our membership page for options. 

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